Adult Tennis

Tennis is a sport you can play for a lifetime, and it’s never too late to start. Adult Beginners will have fun, get out and move, and start building new skills from the first lesson. We will use a variety of different types of balls to ensure your comfort and success.

Loaner racquets are available, and Leslie will provide advice for purchasing a racquet, and purchasing assistance and discounts, when possible, through her connection with San Jose Swim & Racquet Club.

I teach only complete beginners up to USTA 2.0-level*.

Objective: To be able to serve and play games, sets, and matches

Teaching Progression: The following tennis strokes will be taught.


  • 5 Priorities in the serve (and in tennis in general): Get it in, Aim in a direction, Go for a certain depth, Hit with spin, Hit with power
  • Hitting cross-court vs. down the line
  • First 3 shots in a point: the serve, return of serve, and return of return of serve
  • Offensive tennis: topspin, underspin, volley, overhead, 1st serve, hitting the ball on the rise
  • Defensive tennis: lob, hitting with margin, baseline game, 2nd serve, moving back
  • Moving forward, moving on the diagonal, moving backward, approach shot
  • Singles patterns, the “V” pattern, four quadrants
  • Doubles patterns, one up/one back, two up, two back
  • Scoring in games, tiebreaks, and ad/no-ad

1 hour group – 3 or more students, $15 each
1 hour semi-private – 2 students, $20 each
1 hour private – 1 student, $40
45 minutes private – 1 student, $30
30 minutes private – 1 student, $20
Adult private or semi-private lessons cancelled less than 12 hours ahead of time will be charged at full price.

* For a description of USTA Ratings, click here:


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