Ages 7-12, Adv. Beg.-Int. Orange and Green

Kids’ Tennis, Ages 7-12, Advanced Beginner to Intermediate, Orange and Green Ball

Objective: To be able to serve and play a set (first to 6 games) between students.

Teaching Progression: The following tennis strokes will be taught.


  • Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed
  • 5 Priorities in Tennis: Get it in, Aim in a direction, Go for a certain depth, Hit with spin, Hit with power
  • Hitting Cross-Court vs. Down the Line
  • The Serve, Return of Serve, and Return of Return of Serve
  • When to use the volley or the overhead
  • Watching the ball – hit it or let it go
  • The “V” pattern
  • The net game: moving forward: groundstroke, half-volley, volley
  • Games: 7-Up, Step on the Pancake, X Marks the Spot, and many others

1 hour group – 3 or more students, $15 each
1 hour semi-private – 2 students, $20 each
1 hour private – 1 student, $40
45 minutes private – 1 student, $30
30 minutes private – 1 student, $20


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