Ages 4-6, Beginners, Red

10-and-Under Kids’ Tennis, Ages 4-6, Beginning, Red and Foam Ball

Objective: To be able to perform a 5-ball groundstroke rally between student and instructor.

Teaching Progression: The following tennis strokes will be taught.


  • Parts of the Racquet, Racquet Handling
  • Basic Sportsmanship
  • Running, Jumping, Skipping
  • Sending and Receiving (rolling, throwing, catching)
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • ABCs: Agility, Balance, Coordination
  • Rallying, reacting to the ball received
  • Games: Rollie Pollie, Crash, Lobster Claws, Statue of Liberty, Totem, Mirror, Alley Rally, Land-Sea-Air, Bus Driver, Tennis Ball Sandwich

45 minutes group – 3 or more students, $10 each
45 minutes group – 2 students, $15 each
45 minutes private – 1 student, $30
30 minutes private – 1 student, $20


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